Hello, My name is Kirsten- (keer)sten

Hello! And thank you for stopping by my Website! First off, let me warn you I am a photographer, not a writer. So bare with me. My name is Kirsten 🙂  I am 23 years old, and was born and raised here in Northern California. As you can see, I am a Mother and Spouse to two very handsome boys, whom I love more than anything. They are my number one fans! I started my Photography business in 2012 in the freezing cold Watertown, New York. We were stationed there for four years at Fort Drum, New York. Jordan served 4 years in the Army and when he got out we moved back home to Yuba City, California where he now works as a Fleet Manager at his Family owned business, Dow Lewis Motors.

We had our son is September of 2014 and it was then that I decided I wanted to “specialize” in Maternity, Labor & Delivery and Newborn portraiture. I often get asked why I only photograph these certain categories. Allow me to explain;  I, as an artist, believe that when you specialize in a certain area or subject that only then can you truly excel in it. Such is why a lot of Wedding Photographers, only do Engagement and Wedding Photos, and landscape photographers only photograph landscapes. I photograph Maternity and Newborn and occasionally I get to photograph the babies coming into the world, which is by far the most moving experience. I have put all my time, work, investment and knowledge into mastering Newborn & Maternity Photography and creating timeless images that both myself and my clients will love. When I first started this business I photographed everything, Family’s, Weddings, Sweet 16’s. You name it! I’ve done it all. But I quickly found that my passion was in Newborns. If you’ve ever sat through a Newborn session you understand that it takes a special person to do what we Newborn Photographers do. We sit in an 85 degree room, for 3-4 hours and rock and shush a 3-5 day old baby. Most Dads cannot even sit through it. Haha It takes a special person. I am that person!

My passion for Newborns and photographing them is indescribable. I get excited before each session, just thinking of the setups I want to create and the gorgeous images I want to produce. Not to mention I get to work with the worlds most precious, angelic, works of art. Newborns. So there you have it, a little insight into myself and why I do what I do! I hope I get to work with you and put my passion to work for you and your bundle of joy!

<3 Kirsten