Making Little Humans

Meet Maverick Dow, My (almost) 5 month old baby boy. Even in his morning messy hair & PJ’s, he’s still the most beautiful thing ever. <3

1. Literally, the minute you lay eyes on your little human, you melt. It’s like love at first sight. LITERALLY… love at FIRST sight. Sure the entire time you’re pregnant you think, “Oh, I love you already”, but you don’t know what it is you’re so in love with. I had to wait an hour and a half to meet my little human. THE LONGEST HOUR AND A HALF OF MY LIFE. Well, I was out for 45 minutes of that hour and a half but still! Everyone was showing me pictures and telling me how beautiful he was but none of it satisfied my need to see him, touch him, hear his little cry. THEN I SAW HIM…. Oh I saw him. They rolled him into my room and my heart literally melted into a big pile of “I will never ever be the same again”. Despite the agonizing pain coming from my stomach, I reached for my little human. We stared and cuddled and stared some more and this went on for days.

Now I’ll admit, I HATED being pregnant. I was not one of these people that brags about how much they love it. It was HARD FRIEKEN WORK okay. I was miserable 85% of the time. I complained a lot. I am so thankful for my best friend, because she was the only person that truly, “Took it”. She took my bitchy-ness and she smiled and loved me through it all, even the 1,000’s of calories I inhaled and blamed on “preggo-cravings”. It was actually quite funny how we look back and agree that we were, “Pregnant together”, meaning for the duration of those long, testing 9 months we didn’t drink alcohol, we ate A LOT, we lounged on the couch and watched a lot of Netflix and dreamed of all the things we would do as soon as “our” baby arrived.  That’s just our friendship though. Because, he is still “our” baby and she loves him almost as much as I do.

But then he came out and he was the cutest thing ever and I was like, “well of course it was hard work, look at that masterpiece I created”.

Everyone will tell you all about babies, and becoming a mom, and what you need, and what you don’t, and what will change and what won’t. They will tell you that you won’t sleep, and that you’ll drop your baby weight so fast you’ll forget you were ever that big. The truth is everyone has their own experience. Everyone has their own stories and well honestly everyone is different. Every baby is different.


I went into Labor and Delivery at Five O’clock in the morning thinking, I’ll deliver naturally, he’ll be beautiful and we’ll be out of here in a  day. Having complications literally seemed like something that just wouldn’t happen to me. A C-section just wasn’t an option for me. Except WRONG… I wished I could’ve delivered naturally and not been carved into like a frieken pumpkin. But like I said, everyone is different and every baby is different and that C-Section possibility is alive and well. (sometimes too well in my opinion). So the truth (my truth) about Making humans, The good bad and the ugly.

1. Being pregnant sucked for me. So if it sucks for you too, high five! It doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth every sucky minute. Because it definitely was. I cannot say I love my son enough times for you to truly understand how much I truly love my son.

2. Planned or unplanned, Accident or dragged into the bedroom for the purpose of conception, my child is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

3. You WILL lose sleep, they WILL wake you up at least twice a night, BUT if you breast feed it really becomes quite easy. They cry, you pick them up, stick them on the tit (excuse my terminology) and back to sleep you go. Yes, that means I usually end up sleeping with my little human. SUE ME. I breast feed and if you think I’m going to sit up every two and a half hours and make sure I don’t fall back asleep you’re on drugs (I’m mainly speaking to my pediatrician who points her finger at me and says, “Now, don’t get into the habit of sleeping with him, Kirsten”. I just nod and smile politely, go home, go to sleep and end up sleeping with him. Whatever. I’m not the first and I definitely won’t be the last.

4, Your body- HAH… Oh you’re body. BREAST FEEDING IN NO WAY HELPED ME LOSE BABY WEIGHT. Those were all LIES. It was a little depressing at first. I remember telling my mom, “My boobs have already lost all sight of perkiness, and my body is still 4 months pregnant. Her response- “Your boobs were not meant to be sexually appealing, glad to see you’re finally using them for their intended purpose”. Thanks Mom -__-  But she was right, and if they look really terrible there’s always the “Boob Job” option. Which I would totally make Jordan pay for… since his body was in no way ruined. The baby weight… ahh the stupid baby weight. EVERYONE is different. And I do mean everyone, so me even sharing my personal experience with baby weight is almost a waste of time because you  most likely will not have the same experience I did. But I’ll tell you anyways, I gained about 35 pounds with Maverick. After delivery I lost 10 pounds. After about 3 months I had lost another 10 pounds… needless to say I still have 10-15 pounds to lose and I’m working hard at it but that extra 10 pounds loves me and its having serious attachment issues. So I didn’t gain a ton of weight and I can “squeeze” into my pre-pregnancy jeans, but my body is no where near what it was. And why would it be, I made a child. I MADE LIFE. I can handle a few extra pounds a big booty in exchange. Totally worth it.

5. Watching your baby sleep. Oh I could watch Maverick sleep for hours. Jordan found this kind of creepy, but whatever. He’s a guy and will never understand. Almost 5 months later and I can still watch him sleep. I love to watch his lips quiver, air suck and smile. I love watching his eyes flutter and wondering what it is he could possibly be dreaming about (obviously hoping it’s me) 🙂 I feel like this “Sleep watching” never really ends. No matter how old you little human gets, I feel like this will always be something I truly enjoy. They are so peaceful and innocent.

6. Running Errands- This was an adjustment. Before I had Mav, I could go to town 8 times a day and not think twice. I would make “lists” but wouldn’t always follow them and then I would find myself going back to town to grab something I carelessly forgot. NOT ANYMORE MY FRIENDS. Running errands, Shopping, anything that requires leaving the house really.. all depends on their little schedule. You better make a list and you better make it good. You better follow that list and not forget something or you will be kicking yourself later when you realize its absence. You can’t just jump in the car and go on shopping sprees, I mean you can but if you little human decides they aren’t tired and don’t want to sit in a seat, you will be carrying them throughout your shopping trip, To each his own, but I prefer a sleeping baby when I’m running errands. No screaming in the car, no trying to shop while lugging around a baby, and forgetting things on your list. Running errands takes extra planning once your little human is involved.

7. Leaving them- Leaving them is so hard. You’ll be surprised how picky you are about who you leave them with… Mav only stay’s with Grandma’s and Great Grandmas and Dad when he’s not working :(.. Anyone else and I’m very hesitant. I just don’t like leaving him period. People ask me, “Oh, have you left him overnight yet?” and I’m like, “Hell no I haven’t left him over night”, He’s almost 5 months old, he’s still practically brand new. What could possibly be so important that I would have to let him wake up at 3am to a strange face in a strange house? Nothing.


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